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Exclusive Services

Digital marketing services refer to various online marketing strategies and tactics to promote products or services through different digital channels. We are experts in data scraping for b2b and b2c, email marketing & design, social media management and marketing, website handling, data entry, and Graphics Design, etc.

Lead Generation

Everyone needs to generate leads for their new or old businesses. If you are looking for a targeted audience's contact information through Linkedin, Google, or any specific website, this service helps you to find that. Contact information can be a person's work or personal email, company or personal phone, location, or LinkedIn profile details. For a company, It can be their name, website, address, phone, email using google Maps or much more information using Linkedin.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing service that involves sending promotional messages, advertisements, or newsletters to a group of people via email. The goal of email marketing is to build relationships with potential or existing customers, promote products or services, and drive sales or engagement.


Social Media Marketing and Management

Boost your online presence and reach with our social media marketing and management services. We offer comprehensive social media marketing and management solutions to help you engage with your target audience and drive more traffic and sales to your website. Let us take care of your social media presence while you focus on running your business. Our social media marketing and management services will help you save time and effort while achieving your marketing goals.


Administartive Support

Administrative support services refer to a range of tasks and services that support an organization's or business's smooth functioning. These services are essential for the organization's daily operations and include tasks such as data entry, scheduling appointments, managing website content, arranging travel, preparing reports, maintaining records, and do other Virtual assistant work as per instructions.


Data Selling

If you are looking for targeted audience contact data for your business, then this service will help you a lot. As we already have plenty of niche data from different industries using Linkedin and Google which we sell cheaply to help our clients. If you are new to business with less budget to start, you try our fresh data. Data contain valid name, title, email, phone, LinkedIn URL, and company information. 


Graphics Design

Graphic design is the art and practice of creating visual content to communicate a message or idea to a specific audience. It is a creative process that involves combining images, typography, and other design elements to create a visual representation of a concept or message. We offer logos, banners, Social media content, Youtube thumbnails, Website content,  Flyers, Email newsletters, Landing Pages, Book covers,s and many more. 

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